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Editorial Activity is our publication that offers virtual tours of fairs. A guide to help jewellers to understand which fair is the most suitable for their needs.


Our Goals: more exhibitors for fairs,
local distribution and advertising for magazines,
photographic courses and virtual fairs for jewellers.


We have developed our own technology for our work. Our patented jewellery photography Studio is a complete solution that includes: Light Box, cameras, software and also a 3D animation kit.

Editorial Activity

Jewel Fairs .com

Our editorial activity is focused on jewellery fairs, with the publication of the Guide

It is a fair catalogue where is possible to compare datas from hundreds of fairs and magazines, and to choose the best one depending on the needs of jewellers.

For the biggest jewellery exhibitions in the world, we also present a photographic reportage, that allow to have a look to a sample of products exhibited in fair.

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Published Photo Reportages

Baselworld Logo

Basel, Swiss

March 19-26, 2015

400 professional photos.
A huge and amazing reportage from the biggest (and more luxurious) jewellery fair in Europe

Inhorgenta Logo

Muenchen, Germany

February 20-23, 2015

A major international event by participants from all around the world.
The meeting point for specialist trade, industry and press for decade.
And our reportage has more than 350 wonderful photos

JCK Las Vegas Logo

Las Vegas, USA

May 29 - June 1, 2015

Hundreds of stunning masterpiece of jewellery,
in the biggest jewellery fair in US

Vicenza Oro Logo

Vicenza, Italy

Jan 23-28, 2015

Italy always has that extra oomph in art and fashion.
Have a look to our reportage from the most famous jewellery fair in Italy






Photo Reportages


Jewel Photos from Fairs

Our Services

For Fair Organizers

The most interesting service is our editorial activity that allows to get photo-reportages from fairs that will be published on our

The fair organizers will receive a copy of all photos taken, with the authorization of re-use.

We may also represent your fair in other countries exhibitions, and distribute your fair documentation to visitors

Before reportages, we send a newsletter with invitation to partecipate (with good reasons to exhibit/visit that particular fair), also helping collecting new customer-exhibitors contacts.

For Magazines

We can provide to our customer-editors the standard free-lance journalistic services, like articles, reports and interviews.

We also offer a unique service: photo-reportages in fair, thanks to our professional photo-video operator and exclusive equipment.

We use our mobile jewels photo-video studio at our booth, and we are cabable to take hundreds of professional photos perfect for articles and advertising.

Our photos can be requested and used from other editors in a bartner deal

For Jewellers

We can help in choosing the right fair depending on your needs of budget, types of products, internationality required, and so on.

Having a look to our photo-reportages it's possible to understand what type of product are present in a particular fair.

Jewellers that allow us to take photos of their exhibited jewels gain visibility in our, and can find resellers and customers.

We also provide professional photographic courses focused on jewellery photography.


  • Hundreds of photos to re-use
  • Newsletter with invitation
  • Representation in different fairs
  • Visibility on


  • Normal editorial services
  • Photos for articles about the fair
  • Distribution of magazines copies at our booth


  • Suggestions about fair choice
  • Jewellery Photographic Courses
  • Jewels published in a fair reportage
  • 5 free professional photos to re-use

Our Technology

Jewel Photo Studio

Jewellery Photo-Video Studio

Our Photo Studio allows to shoot white-background professional photos in few seconds. It is an equipment created to be as fast as possible, as we need to be very fast shooting photos in fairs, for our reportages.

We also sell our Studios, and it is modular and can adapt to different needs: light box, software, cameras, macro lenses, catalogue software and also 3D animations kit can be added anytime.

It is simple to use, compatible with any camera, versatile for both technical and commercial photos, fast, precise and... it's also cheap!

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